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Anush Apikyan
B2B Sales & IT Sales Expert

This is a brilliant strategy for anyone who wants to start from scratch and leverage AI to help local businesses. I love how you use Galadon to create AI solutions without coding. This is a game changer for entrepreneurs who want to offer value and innovation to their clients.

Alex Berman
Youtuber & Author

With the latest GPT updates, AI is more accessible than ever. However, isn't just about access to AI; it's about seamlessly integrating AI with your brand's unique identity. Our platform empowers you to easily create, customize, and implement AI-driven solutions that align perfectly with your brand's aesthetics and functionality, all without a single line of code. It's not just AI integration; it's brand-integrated AI made simple.

Michael Tromba
Founder of 52x Grow

Galadon is by far the easiest way to build and launch an AI tool that I've tried so far... I was able to build an FAQ bot that answers incoming questions from potential customers for my company's website in <10 minutes. Awesome tool!

Create, Customize, and Scale with Ease

Build the AI software of your dreams and launch it. In minutes

Feature 1

No-Code AI Integration

Bring the power of AI to your SaaS application. With, integrate GPT-4 into your SaaS project, train it in a snap, and scale on demand. No coding skills required.

Feature 2

Import Into Any Website Builder

Our drag-and-drop interface makes creating your AI a breeze. Then, you can simple paste the code we generate into *any* app development or website development software, creating an AI SaaS in minutes.

Feature 3

Supports Any Use Case

Whether you want to do content generation, data analysis, real time translation, or any number of use cases, our pre-built templates have you covered.

Feature 4

Tailored Customization Settings

Match your SaaS modals to your brand. Customize your branding elements. This allows your AI to seamlessly fit into any pre-existing website.

Create, Customize, and Scale with Ease

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(7 Day free trial then only $99/month)

How to Launch
Your AI SaaS Startup in Under 10 Minutes

Step 1

Build Your AI

Start with a pre-built AI powered template or use our intuitive AI Builder to train and customize your application.

Step 2

Customize Your Branding

Use easy sliders and a drag and drop interface to choose your fonts and colors so that Galadon modal matches with your branding.

Step 3

Export to Your Website

Copy-paste to seamlessly connect Galadon to any website that supports HTML - this includes WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Webflow and many more!

Step 4


Post your AI Powered website and start creating more value for your users!

Get Started Now
(7 Day free trial then only $99/month)

One Price. For Life.

To celebrate the launch of Galadon we’re giving you simple standard pricing. This will change soon so get in now to lock in your rate! Please note any external tools used (like OpenAI API) may incur other charges.

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Unlimited access to future updates

Use Cases

How do you get the most return on investment from Galadon?

Method #1

AI Lead Magnet

Put your Galadon behind an email collection page and use it as a new and different way to generate email leads. Imagine being the first nutritionist in your city to build a diet plan AI, or the first business coach to build a cold email writing AI. Let Galadon be your differentiator.

Method #2

FAQ Bot or Product Recommender

Build a Galadon for you or your client which acts as a salesman and recommends products based on certain demographics.

Method #3

Start Your Own AI Business

Use Galadon to become the go-to AI expert for local businesses.

Get paid to install AI lead magnets, product recommenders, or anything else you can think of!

Create, Customize, and Scale with Ease

Get Started Now
(7 Day free trial then only $99/month)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes Galadon stand out from other AI-building platforms?

Galadon isn't just any AI-building platform. With our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and rapid integration capabilities, you save time and avoid stress. Dive in and experience the most efficient way to power up your projects with AI.

Do I need a PhD in AI or coding skills to use Galadon?

No more sleepless nights over coding! Whether you're new to the AI world or a seasoned pro, Galadon's intuitive design and extensive resources ensure a seamless start. Ready to dive in?

Who owns the AI tools I create using Galadon?

You do! Think of Galadon as your AI canvas – whatever masterpiece you create, it's all yours. We're just the brush and paint, simplifying your creative journey.

Can my team and I collaborate on Galadon?

Yes! Just like the old Netflix days, teammates can share a single login to collaborate.

How do I manage my subscription and billing with Galadon?

Managing your subscription is a breeze with our one-click cancellation. We believe in transparency and convenience – no hidden charges or sketchy tactics here.

Is there a limit to how many users can interact with my AI tool once it's live?

The sky's the limit! Your $99 subscription covers unlimited Galadons, so you're free to scale and reach as many users as you wish. Whether it's 10 users or 10,000... we've got you.